Rio Olympics

French athlete (Samir Ait Said) competing in the men’s vault suffered a horrific accident when his left leg below his knee broke. When I saw the video of Samir breaking his leg I was horrified it was bent sideways and the crack of the bone could be hear in it, I also see this happening a lot when u watch them flip and spin threw air you realizeĀ it could go wrong so easy, that said I don’t know how they could make it safer. doctors don’t know the full extent of the injury just yet but say the will find outĀ in the coming days.

please leave your thoughts on this and how they could make it safer.


by Roger Hargreaves.


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What if…

What if the sun was blue.

Everything would have a blue shadow casted on it! nothing would be as we know it, so your looking at someone then when they walk into the sun BAM! blue face monster staring at you. the floor would be blue, everything would be blue! but I guess we wouldn’t mind, when you think about it we would be used to it and it would be normal…

100 word challenge

It was the height of summer, eventually fires broke out all over the town of gooseberry. My house was one of the unlucky ones, the fire roared and the wooden beams above me were ablaze. I ran to the window and the glass shattered, good thing my wife and baby already outside. Out of the smog I saw the forms of men with wings that looked similar to bats. Minutes later I saw them putting my wife and child on the cobbled street below. I realized I had been in the building too long and fire had consumed the door.

by Quinn,Tom,Regan